Vehicles can usually be ordered with specific window configurations. However delivery times and huge discounts being available for already manufactured or pre-registerd vans means that the fitting of windows post delivery is often more economical. The added advantage is you get precisely the configuration you want.

Side and rear windows

K.J. Linings Van
We fit two types of window; bonded  and rubber-mounted. In recent years we have noticed a trend toward bonded windows, most modern vehicles use this method to secure windscreens, rear windows and sometimes even body panels. The bonded method of fitting offers a virtual flush fitting window which will last as long as your vehicle and offers the following advantages: less wind noise, greater security, increased structural strength and better looking as the glass is usually curved to correspond with the body line. More importantly the windows will look as though they were factory fitted. The above image shows a Vivaro based minibus conversion using bonded glass.
Where a window of a specific size and location that does not correspond to the body line is required, rubber-mounted windows may be neccesary. We offer a complete service, so no matter what your window requirements, we will be able to provide a satisfactory solution